Anabolic Flood

28G Protein
35g Carbohydrates
Added Glutamine and BCAA’s

ANABOLIC FLOOD is a cutting-edge formula delivering the body everything that it needs to rebuild, repair and replenish the muscles after strenuous exercise.

Formulated to address every aspect of recovery, lean muscle repair, carbohydrate replenishment, and essential nutrient delivery in order maximize muscle anabolism. When you are working out you are tearing down muscle fibers. Not to mention you are draining the body of vital nutrients like glycogen, amino acids, vitamins and creatine. ANABOLIC FLOOD is designed to deliver your body everything it needs to build them back bigger, leaner, stronger, and more resilient than before.

Your days of feeling sore and lethargic after workouts are over. Give your body what it needs and trigger new muscle growth! ANABOLIC FLOOD contains a perfect ratio of slow and fast release carbohydrates to instantly load the muscles with accessible energy to rebuild and repair.

Available in two fruity flavors! Watermelon and Tropical Berry

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